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The Wild Andes - Life in the Clouds
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Life in the clouds

SERIES - Episode 1

Length: 3 x 50 min / 1 x 90 min

Format: 4 k

Year: 2018

Director / Producer:

Christian Baumeister


Christian Baumeister

Alexander Sommer

Philipp Klein

Jim Clare


Stefan Reiss


Oliver Heuss

The Andes is not just the longest chain of mountains on the planet, it is the most dynamic. Amid swirling mist, drenching humidity and clinging to precipitous slopes, sibling spectacled bear cubs learn how to find food through subtly-changing seasons; a troop of ultra-rare woolly monkeys raise a new generation of infants in the canopy; and dazzling hummingbirds insert miraculously-shaped bills into perfect-fit petals. This is the story of how the uplift of the Andes has caused an explosion of life-forms.


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