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Portugal - Europe's Wild West
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Europe's Wild West


Length: 1 x 50 min

Format: UHD

Year: 2019

Director / Producer:

Christian Baumeister


Alexander Sommer

Philipp Klein

Christian Baumeister


Christina Hackl


Oliver Heuss


Albatross World Sales

As the last stretch of land before the endless blue of the Atlantic, Portugal was once the main departure point for European sailors and adventurers heading off on their voyages of discovery. In this film we take you on a voyage of discovery to a world they left behind: the natural world of Europe’s wild west.​​ In the mountain regions of the north, the howling of the wolves echoes through bleak gorges and griffon vultures fly majestically over thousand-meter-high mountain ridges. It is also home to one of the last herds of wild horses in Europe. Meanwhile the wind whips up giant waves off the coast of Cabo Sardão where white storks nest at dizzying heights, defying the raging surf and trying to raise their young.


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