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The Wild Andes - Extreme Survival
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Extreme Survival

SERIES - Episode 2

Length: 3 x 50 min / 1 x 90 min

Format: 4 k

Year: 2018

Director / Producer:

Christian Baumeister


Christian Baumeister

Philipp Klein

Alexander Sommer

Christian Muñoz-Donoso

Christiaan Muñoz-Salas


Stefan Reiss


Oliver Heuss

Against a dramatic backdrop of super-heated geysers, arid grasslands and snow-capped volcanos, the fortunes of a newborn vicuna foal, and that of a flamingo colony, unfold. This is the breath-taking story of how animals on the high, central Andean plains have adapted to a world fired by volcanic heat and pinched by thirst and thin air. But even here life has found surprising ways to survive. A marsupial called ‘the elegant fat-tailed mouse opossum’ stores fat in its tail and draws on it as needed. It can even shrink its internal organs to save energy when food is scarce.


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