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LIGHT & SHADOW is a film production company that makes factual programs focusing on nature and wildlife around the world. Our productions have garnered awards across the globe and been aired by leading broadcasters.

Founded in 2001 by Christian Baumeister, LIGHT & SHADOW has earned a reputation for high-quality programs that use creative and innovative visuals to tell previously-untold stories. Our aim is to touch global audiences with the beauty and wonder of our planet, subjects often ignored in our fast-paced world. Our productions promote environmental conservation as part of a worldwide effort to save our planet for future generations.

To achieve our artistic ambitions, we take advantage of the most sophisticated tools available for capturing sound and vision. We use cameras that can capture up to 8K resolution, only the finest lenses, and numerous special filming techniques and technologies. These include extreme macro-lenses, ultra-high-speed cameras, time-lapse-in-motion, night-vision cameras and a number of gyro-stabilized motion devices such as drones and helicopter-mounted gimbals. Our exquisite soundscapes are recorded as 5.1 surround sound.


We love moving images and have a highly cinematic approach to film-making, creating what we like to call “emotions through motion”. Using careful framing and inordinate patience, we paint with light and shadow to produce imagery that is both stunning and atmospheric.

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