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Wild Argentina - Land of Survivors
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Land of Survivors

SERIES - Episode 2

Length: 3 x 50 min / 1 x 90 min

Format: UHD

Year: 2022

Producer / Director / Author:

Christian Baumeister

Moritz Mayerle

Michael Mavretic


Christian Baumeister

Christian Muñoz-Donoso

Matias Lago


Christina Hackl


Oliver Heuss

In Argentina's breathtaking, yet imposing wilderness, every day is a fight for survival.  The terrain is rugged and parched. The air is thin.  The weather can change in an instant.  And then there are the predators.  A female puma stalks a valley in search of guanaco, while a tarantula defends itself against a hungry armadillo.  Foxes will scavenge what they can…until one of the world’s largest vultures shows up.  All the while, in the background, glaciers greedily hold on to the freshwater these animals so desperately need.

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