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Wild Argentina - Land of Water
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Land of Water

SERIES - Episode 3

Length: 3 x 50 min / 1 x 90 min

Format: UHD

Year: 2022

Producer / Director / Author:

Christian Baumeister

Moritz Mayerle

Michael Mavretic


Christian Baumeister

Matias Lago


Christina Hackl


Oliver Heuss

Water shapes northern Argentina, creating paradises for unique wildlife. Whether it's sooty swifts swooping through waterfall floodwaters, frogs glowing in the dark, cute coati families in the undergrowth, or mighty anacondas on the prowl. Argentina's wetlands hold many wonders. In magnificent images, the film celebrates Argentina's water-rich north as a hotspot of biodiversity and shows how drought and fires threaten the fragile ecosystem.

WINNER - Animal Behavior Society Film Festival - 2023 (2).png

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