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Brazil - A Natural History
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A natural history

Length: 5 x 50 min

Format: HD

Year: 2014


Christian Baumeister


Christian Baumeister

Alexander Sommer

Cristian Dimitrius

Michael Riegler

Philipp Klein

Jack Hynes

Lawrence Wahba

Luis de Maia


tefan Reiss

Mark Fletcher

Brazil is a land of gigantic proportions. Energetic, flamboyant and fun, Brazil is also overwhelmingly beautiful. Within its mountains, seas, rainforests, deserts and millions of miles of rivers, are many of our planet’s last wild frontiers. Its diversity of life and landscape is second to none. In each episode, the viewer will be taken on a journey across fabulous landscapes and will meet carefully selected, charismatic and little-known animal species. The series investigates their fight for survival and their amazing adaptations to local environments. It will show behaviour that will surprise even avid nature-lovers. This landmark super blue chip series filmed in a cinematographic style using latest technology chronicles and introduces Brazil, a vast country the size of the USA or Europe respectively. Brazil is an Eldorado of wildlife, extreme habitats and stunning landscapes. The five programmes explore five very different and spectacular regions and their wildlife.

Part 1: Fragile Forest

Part 2: Wild Heart

Part 3: Labyrinth of Lakes

Part 4: Paradise Coast

Part 5: Flooded Forest

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