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Imagine a place where on a single day you can observe a rare white rhinoceros taking its first steps and a newly born red panda exploring its new home in the tree canopy, all while remaining within smelling distance of a mother cheetah patrolling her territory with her young cubs. 


The 10,000 zoos placed across the world are modern-day arks for some of the planet’s most fascinating and iconic animals. These creatures’ homes may be in a zoo, but their instincts are still completely wild. Through the lens of the camera, we get a view of their undisturbed family life and social interactions as if observing them in nature.  And with time and patience – and a deep knowledge of animal behavior – we can reveal tender moments and critical milestones that you wouldn’t typically notice on a visit to a zoo – or a safari for that matter.

Born in the Zoo places a cast of young, charismatic creatures on center stage, covering more than ten intimate stories pulled from across the animal kingdom. 


The creatures may all share a home, but their similarities end there.  Each is born with its own wild heart and a sharp mind ready to learn how to survive in its new surroundings.  Many of the challenges faced by these young animals are the same whether they are born in the wild or in captivity.


And these creatures are doing more than just looking out for themselves.  Unbeknownst to them they are also crucial for the survival of their species.

Aside from providing entertainment, zoos ensure that future generations will be able to marvel at nature’s majestic creations by conserving wild animals, breeding, and reintroducing endangered species to their natural habitats.


Zoos offer an unparalleled setting to commune with nature. They offer a place for hope. And they provide an incredible location for filming wildlife!

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